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July 12th, 2005

08:50 pm
ok you guys here's some links.
currently i'm working on making a modle for stepmania. that's the free version of dance dance revolution you can get from the internet. i'm using milk shape. if anyone else wants to try here are a few good links.

the program.

this is the tutorial that i'm using

this is the tutorial that tells you specific stuff for modeling for the game.
matwig wulk: http://home.comcast.net/~thebusdr5er/chartut.html

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08:49 pm
ONI (yes, that does mean japanese devil. amusing, huh?)
How much of a DDR FREAK are you??

brought to you by Quizilla

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June 16th, 2005

06:14 pm
hey you guys,

summer is soooooo sweet. i think i'm going to make a shirt that says tie fighter with a picture of a tie fighter under it. does anyone want one?

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March 30th, 2005

02:56 pm - Character Rig!
open sm_start from homework drive.

1.make 5 joints
side view> joint tool. start in the hip area, uper knee, ankel, ball of foot and toe. 5 joints.
name them sL_hip, knee, ankel, ball, and toe.

2.freeze transform
arange joints in figure. open freeze transform option box. check joint orient. and freeze transform.

3. orient joints
to change joint orientation rotation. go to component mode click on the question mark right click and local rotation axis.

you can do this automatically by selecting from the ankel down and going to skeleton, joint orent, option box. check ZXY second axis world oriendation +y. make sure orient child joints is checked. it should straighten out your joints in the akel

4.save your scene.

5. mirror your leg.
skeleton> mirror joint, option box
yz. search for sL_ replace with sR_

make 5 joints in your spine starting in the side view. put 1 in the mid pelvis, top of pelvis, and name them s_pelvis and spine 01-04
make joints in the head including a 7th one above.
name them sL_pelvis, and spine01-04

7.make arm joints.
make 3 3 joints for the arm
one sholder, elbow and wrist.
name them sL_sholder, sL_elbow, and sL_armed

create your joints in the fingers starting with the base of the finger(part closest to the hand). make 4 joints, one between each finger bone and one at the tip.
duplicate your finger joints. make sure to open the option box and reset the settings (under edit menu. so duplicate and move the joints to each finger. (we'll put the thumb in later)

freeze transform. very important.

name finger joints (sL_indexRt, sL_index01, sL_index02, and sL_indexEnd) use this naming method for pinky, ring, and middle. check if the movement of finger is correct by shift selecting each joint from the tip to the base. select the rotate tool and see if it moves ok. click z so it goes back to the origional possition

9.now the thumb
create the joints for the thumb and name them sL_thumb, 01, 02, and end. go to component mode, then click on the question mark to the right of the component mode symbol. right click on the question mark and select local rotation axis. you can use the rotate tool to manually move the points around. make sure that the z axis is pointing up.

10. the wrist
create new joint for the wrist. just one joint thats not connected to anything. select all root joints select joint and then the joint you just created and press p to parent.
name the joint sL_wrist
parent that to the arm (sL_armed).

11. clavical
create a joint on the clavical
name it sl_clavical
parent the arm to it.

12. mirror your arm
skeleton> mirror joint option box. yz mirror across.
make sure you set your names to look for sL_ and change them to sR_ and apply

13. parent things together
shift select the right and left clavical and parent them to spine04
parent sL_hip and sR_hip to sPelvis

14.turn on right bodyCTR layer
duplicate foot control with x scale at -1. freeze transform it.

15. ik that leg!
use rpsolver ik handel tool and click on the hip then the ankle

switch to sc solver i k tool
click on ankle and then ball joint

sc solver ik ball to toe
open outliner show>objects>ik handels
rename these ik's to. sL_legik, sL_ballik, sL_toeik

16. move those pivot points!
group hip in its own group and rename to sL_legikgroup
select move tool, select legikgroup, insert key, use v key and snap to ball joint.

select toe ik. group it and then rename group to sL_toeikgroup
use v key again and snap to the ball joint.

17. pa- pa- PARENT it all together.
select leg and toe group, and the ballik, then shift select sL_ToeRollCTR and parent it.
be sure to open the option box and reset the options.
if yellow colors appear in the chanel panel when footct is selected, right click and break connection.

save scene

17. rework your parent stuff.
shift p on the foot ctr to unparent it from the spack, do shif p again so toerollctr is by itself
parent the toectr to the footctr

select foot ctr modify>edit attribute. ball bend. 0 and 5 as min and max. and close
window>general editor>connection editor.
reload left sl_footctr. reload right slikgroup. on the left side select FTballbend. on the right select rotate> rotate x

load sL_toegroup on the right. on left select fttoebend on right select rotate

select sL_polectr shift select ikhandel on leg constrain menu>pole vector

unparent foot ctr on left side and sl_polectr

19.ok so go back and do all this same crap for the leg only name everything sR_ instead of sL_

20. Back to the Hand
select the box on hand control
modify>add attribute
thumb -5, 10, 0
index -5 10 0
middle -5 10 0
ring -5 10 0
pinky -5 10 0

21. make the left hand
duplicate scale -1 on the hand controls and rename all of them with R instead of L
use v key and move tool to snap to wrist joint. and freeze transform

22. ik some more
use rp solver sholder to wrist.
select ik shift select cube control and parent. test
select ik then polectr constrain>polevector

select clavical joint and parent to handct

23. make those fingers dance!
animiate menu. animate>set driven key> set
select hand control load driver
select thumb root and thumb 01 and 02 load driven
select thumb in the driver box
highlight all in the driven and then highlight rotate Z (6things are now selected)
click key
then select handCtr in driver box
in chanel pannel change "thumb" to 10 which will be your end point for your motion.
highlight thumb root in the driven box then rotate in the perspective screen however far you want it to go.
click key
select thumb 1 do same thing
select thumb 2 do same thing.
then select hand ctr in driver box
select thumb in chanel pannel and middle mouse drag to see if your thumb moves correctly.

save sceene

ok good job everyone!
"thumbs up!"
now do the same thing for every other finger.

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02:23 pm - Character Rig

project 5 is no more.
we will directly be starting on the final project so bring sketches and ideas for next class.

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March 28th, 2005

11:57 am - Project 5?
is it project 5 or 4? not really sure.

it is DUE next Wedensday. 20 seconds.

you may use either the skelton rig or your flower sack.

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March 23rd, 2005

01:49 pm - Sarit's Website
dude we weren't kidding when we said "sarit is sweet"

check out his website. its under construction now but it should be up again soon.


also another sweet website, walt's web site.


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01:48 pm - flour sack 3 ^_^
go ahead and pull the file "mySack_skin.mb" from the homework drive.
sarit alread created a ball bounce which we are going to use for this part of the demo but haven't gotten to last class.

in your prefrences make sure under keys that default in and out tanget are set to linear

make sure that the cube is parented under the Spivot_Ctr

ok key the feet, the spivot_ctr at the frame 1 and frame 46
at frame 24 key the feet and spivot at the apex of the jump, just like the ball
go into your graph editor and match the curve of the traslate y of the ball to the curve of the translate y of your sack(spivot_ctr)

next you want animate the sqush on the sack. use your box (sback_squctr). first, at 1 key frame scale y to 0 at frame 24 keyframe your scale y to about 3. next break and weight your tangents. you can hold the shift key to move tangents uniformaly. at the apex of the jump the sack sould quickly strech out.

next we're going to animate the sack leaning back. on side view use sspinte01_ctr to rotate the x to about -19. make sure to also key on frame 46 at the origional possition.

fix skin
skin>edit smooth sking> paint skin weights tool
now you can paint your weights.
right click over a joint to pull up your option menu
in the atribute editor you can select each joint and change the weight (how much each point is controled by the joint).

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March 21st, 2005

02:36 pm - After Effects!
This is a crash course on after effects.

after effects.
so after you render open after effects in you start menu under animation.
create new project save to d drive.
file>import> multipule file
browse to where you save image folder.
move slider till you find first number of your render. highlight it.
make sure to click sequence.
rendered images should be saved as tiff or taga.
continue till you've opened all your scenes you wanted to

compositoin. open new composiotn. name it.
project: ntscd1 720 486
resolution: half.(for this project, later you can change it to full)

up to 1 min. then ok.
drag and drop 1st thing in your list in the window on the right and drag it down to the long window on the bottom.
drag and drop all of them down there. next align them in the time line as to which sequence you want to have first. it should snap to it.
when your done. grab the time range and move it to end of movie.
hold shift to snap .
save the scene. and next we render.
hightlight my comon shot. composition> add to render que
.render settings.
time span working area
resolutioni to half. click ok
format quicktimemovie. cinepak click ok
less under compostion settings ok ok ok

one more thing.
output tool render to d drive.
then click render. save file then find your file and open it.
wow dude i hope you got all that.

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02:07 pm - Rendering!
Please read up on this if you do not know how to render. if you render incorrectly you could corrupt your scene.

open up my computer and go to your d drive. in either temp storage or temp render there is a file called students. create a file there and name it your user name. dump a copy of your maya file in there.

open up your scene in maya.
Open the render global settings.
under the common tap set frame/animation ext to name.#.ext
set image format to tiff or taga.
select your start frame and end frame
keep by frame at 1
frame padding should be the number of tens places your rendering. things will get f-ed in after effects if you don't set this correctly
for example if your rendering frames
1-100 "frame padding" = 3
1-1000 "frame padding" = 4
1-210 "frame padding" = 3

set your resolution to 640x480

under maya software tap
set quality to production quality.
mess with your shadows and all that jolly good stuff.

so ready to render?
not yet.
file>project> set
yo. set your project to the one you created in your d drive.

under your rendering menu open batch render options.
click, use all available processors and then batch render.
you can pull up your up your script editor (box in lower right hand corner) and watch all the pretty scroling text of your rendering.
go ahead a leave a little message in that lower box to tell people not to touch the computer cause its rendering and its usually a good idea to put the number of frames your rendering to.

next its off to after effects.

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